Welcome to my Web site!

This site is primarily to publish my genealogical research for family and friends to share.  There is however a small photo gallery which I will endeavour to keep current!

TheCresseys & Friends - February and March

Twins (Samuel & Timothy(Matthew)) - 30 Dec 2004

Photo Album - Jan 2004

Photo Album - May / June

Photo Album - July / August

Family Tree


Finally, some newer pics of the Cressey gang! I started this web site with great intentions of keeping it up to date, but time has run away with me!

I have created a sub web with all the genealogy research I have done so far.  I have now gathered quite a lot more information, and have over 300 families, however I have not yet had the time to publish all! This will be done during June!.  Below one of the better versions of the Cressey coat of Arms!