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Family of Allan LAMBERT and Denise Margaret PAULTON

Husband: Allan LAMBERT (1949- )
Wife: Denise Margaret PAULTON (1951- )
Children: Rosebud Jasmin LAMBERT (1985- )
Burrp Agadez LAMBERT (1988- )
Marriage 1 Aug 1975 Sydney, Australia

Husband: Allan LAMBERT

Name: Allan LAMBERT
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 22 Aug 1949 Australia

Wife: Denise Margaret PAULTON

Name: Denise Margaret PAULTON
Sex: Female
Father: Francis Joseph PAULTON (1908-1967)
Mother: Edith ABDEY (1916- )
Birth 31 Dec 1951 Johannesburg, South Africa

Child 1: Rosebud Jasmin LAMBERT

Name: Rosebud Jasmin LAMBERT
Sex: Female
Birth 15 Aug 1985 Australia

Child 2: Burrp Agadez LAMBERT

Name: Burrp Agadez LAMBERT
Sex: Male
Birth 29 Feb 1988 Burrp, Australia

Additional Information

Birth This was the 2nd Centenary of Australia, and he was born on the Burrp Peninsula

Note on Child 2: Burrp Agadez LAMBERT - shared note

Agadez was a town's name in North Africa where Denise was kidnapped by Arabs while on a cross Africa tour. Allan managed to rescue her and three other girls from being sold as slaves. Burrp was the Peninsula where Burrp was born.