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James DAY's brother: Frank Alan DAY ( - )

Family of James Alec DAY and Hilda Joyce TOWNSEND

Husband: James Alec DAY (1911- )
Wife: Hilda Joyce TOWNSEND (1909-1955)
Children: Nigel Anthony DAY (1947- )
Angela Joyce DAY (1949- )
Marriage 28 Mar 1939 Moascar, Egypt

Additional Information

Marriage At the time of the marriage James was a warrant officer III in the 1st Battallion of the Royal Sussex Regiment.

Husband: James Alec DAY

Name: James Alec DAY
Sex: Male
Father: Albert Hector DAY (1882- )
Mother: Susanna Kate JACKMAN (1880- )
Birth 22 Feb 1911 Rawalpindi, India

Wife: Hilda Joyce TOWNSEND

Name: Hilda Joyce TOWNSEND
Sex: Female
Father: Walter TOWNSEND (1878- )
Mother: Amelia Lydia GRIEVES (1876- )
Birth 26 May 1909 15 Coalbrook Mansions, Bedford Hill, Batham, Streatham, Wand
Death 1955 (age 45-46)

Child 1: Nigel Anthony DAY

Name: Nigel Anthony DAY
Sex: Male
Birth 12 Sep 1947 Miacaberi Nursing Home, Nairobi, Kenya

Child 2: Angela Joyce DAY

Name: Angela Joyce DAY
Sex: Female
Birth 23 May 1949